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Poolside Furniture You Need This Summer
When it comes to fun in the sun, how do you use your pool? Sunning in a lounge chair with a good book. Volleyball tournaments with neighborhood friends. Cannonball contests. Holding a cold glass of lemonade with your toes in the water. No matter how you use your pool, you’ll need a place to lounge, sit, catch the towels, and hold your beverage.
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Easiest Ways to Clean Your Patio Cushions
When you live somewhere with beautiful weather, enjoying an al fresco dinner, pool party, or other outdoor gathering is as easy as putting up the umbrella and pulling up a chair. Outfitting your backyard with stylish, high-quality furniture will ensure you love it for years to come, but it’s still important to do some upkeep.
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Lawn Furniture Inspo That Will Instantly Upgrade your Backyard
The first thing you should do when deciding to purchase outdoor patio furniture is dream big. Envision the space you want to kick up your feet in or enjoy the sunrise in. Define how you want your outdoor lifestyle to look in the future.
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Your One Stop Garden Furniture Shop
At Discount Patio, we love outfitting Phoenix backyards with stylish, high-quality furniture. As your one-stop garden furniture shop, we offer a variety of high-quality furniture that is designed to withstand year-round Arizona weather.
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Inspiring Outdoor Fire Pit Seating Ideas
If you’re wanting an outdoor space that inspires you, a fire pit is the perfect addition. A fire pit adds ambiance and style to your backyard. Plus, the warmth of a fire is ideal for a cold winter night.
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How to Determine the Best Propane Fire Pit for your Backyard
With the winter season upon us, it’s the perfect time to complete your outdoor space with a warm and inviting fire pit that adds ambiance and style to your backyard. At Discount Patio, you’ll find a large selection of propane fire pits that are durable and perfect for adding heat and ambiance to your entertaining area. With many unique options, you’ll get to pick the fire pit that’s ideal for your outdoor patio.
Patio Decorating Ideas for an Outdoor Dinner Party
An outdoor dinner party is a chance to entertain guests and enjoy your outdoor living space. Setting the mood for a fun time includes adding some accessories and decorations to liven up your patio. Here are some decorating ideas to get you started.
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3 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Patio Umbrella Base
A fun-filled day out by the pool requires some stylish and functional outdoor furniture. Make sure your backyard is complete with a dining set, lounge area, and place to put sunscreen, goggles, and hats.
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Best Care Tips for Your Phoenix Outdoor Furniture
Our hometown of Phoenix, Arizona has the best weather for al fresco dining, pool parties, and other outdoor events. It’s why we love outfitting Phoenix backyards with stylish, high-quality furniture. Phoenix weather, however, is not without its pitfalls. Monsoon season can literally turn your tables upside down. And don’t get us started on the heat.
Outdoor Furniture: All About the Frames

So, you’re ready to buy some patio furniture. That’s great! It’s becoming more and more common for people to outfit their outdoor areas with comfy furniture to enjoy. If you’ve just started your search or you’ve been on the hunt for some time, one thing has probably stood out to you: there are a TON of options for outdoor furniture. How do you know what’s best?

All About the Frames

Every part of a piece of patio furniture is important and you want to make sure you’re getting pieces that use the right materials. Let’s start with the foundation: furniture frames.

Outdoor furniture comes in all shapes and sizes and is usually constructed of a few different types of materials. What type of frame you choose depends on what kind of style you’re looking for, but you want to make sure you’re getting the most durable and long-lasting pieces you can find.


Powder-Coated Aluminum

If you’re looking for metal furniture, your best bet is going to be powder-coated aluminum. It’s lightweight which makes it easy to move, and is incapable of rusting. The powder-coated surface ensures that the frame finish itself is durable and able to withstand chipping, cracking, peeling or fading.


How to Care for Aluminum Frames >>

Other available metal frames include powder-coated steel, wrought iron and cast aluminum. These all have their pros and cons, but if you’re looking for furniture that stand the test of time and every day use, powder-coated aluminum should be on your outdoor furniture checklist.


All-Weather Synthetic Wicker

Gone are the days of twisted and cracked natural wicker furniture. Synthetic wicker is actually a wicker resin, dyed and treated to have the same look as natural wicker, but without the durability issues. If you love the earthy look of natural wicker furniture but don’t want to worry about replacing it constantly, synthetic wicker is your best option. It’s specially treated to be UV-resistant as well as being resistant to mildew, staining and cracking.


Caring for your Wicker Frames >>


Wood patio furniture is probably the most maintenance-heavy material on this list. That shouldn’t scare you away from it! There are some truly beautiful choices for wood outdoor furniture, and with a bit of care it will last you a long time. You’ll want to be careful the kind of wood you choose, however, as some is more durable than other. We recommend either teak or eucalyptus. 


Teak wood is the most common type of wood for patio furniture. It can come stained different colors or left it’s natural hue. Teak is very durable and offers a more classic patio furniture look. Something to be mindful of: teak will fade to a grey color with prolonged exposure to the sun. If you take steps to protect it with a sealer or cover it, you’ll be able to keep the natural color for longer.


Eucalyptus is very similar to teak wood, in that it is extremely durable and holds up very well when used for outdoor furniture. It is a less expensive alternative to teak wood furniture, since teak is the most durable wood available for patio furniture. Overall, the look of eucalyptus wood is very similar to teak; it just offers a most cost-effective option for those wanting wood furniture without the higher price tag.


Care for Your Wood Furniture >>